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The Mousetrap


August 14th-30th
"Blood, gore, black humor, circuitous chatter...the play is substantial and the characters not just cardboard cut-outs. It's wonderfully structured - up there with A Midsummer Night's Dream" -- The Guardian
60th Anniversary Revival of the classic by the master of mystery, Agatha Christie. 
The world's longest running play -- murder mystery at its best. A homicidal maniac terrorizes a group of snowbound guests to the refrain of "Three Blind Mice". 
*Recommended for all ages

Check out our Production Photos, or what the critics have to say about THE MOUSETRAP.


Performance Schedule

All evening performances 8 pm, all matinees 3 pm. 

Evening performances Wednesday through Saturday (some Tuesdays)

Matinees Wednesdays and Sundays (some Saturdays)

Call the box office for specifics: (802) 867 2223.

Ages 12 & under recieve free tickets! Call the box office (802 867 2223) to request.

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A Hills Alive event

August 14th-30th


Agatha Christie